Co-host Garrett is back again—just when we had given him up for being more dead than Meatloaf.
Special guest Carla from Burnt Korn, Alabama, hates it when people put fliers on her car window: “I came to get milk, not vinyl siding.” Team THN agrees! Of course, it would be kind of entertaining if you went to the local hardware store and some schmuck from Kroger stuck a “We got Milk!” flier on the windshield.
Co-host Arik next lays down the gauntlet on Garrett. Once upon a time, Arik put the classic sitcom “Seinfeld” on the original Hate Napkin—thus inspiring a decade-long dispute on the worthiness of the show admittedly about nothing.
What Arik despises most about the show is that it doesn’t represent how adults actually talk. Sound engineer Pauly from Bali is quick to recognize that what Arik really hates are sitcoms. Arik next blathers with brainless references to “The Honeymooners,” porno Richard Scarry, Ricky Gervais, wedge-licking, Garry Shandling and whether or not Larry David is a vulgarian. Someone saves the day by declaring this The Bob Saget Tribute Show. This satisfies Arik—or at least shuts him up.
In the end, Arik is outvoted about placing “Seinfeld” on The Hate Napkin. However, in a spirit of compromise, everyone votes to place the café from “Seinfeld” on The Hate Napkin, as well as the entire cast of “Friends,” except Lisa Kudrow. Carla counters: “Who cares? I’m a ‘Golden Girls’ fan.”
Finally, A Day in the Life of Garrett—which may or may not include references to NyQuil, death threats, blackouts, TSA double-sided dildos, blue balls and blue streaks, Michael Imperioli and a menagerie of furry critters. Definitely not a life about nothing.
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