November 19, 2021

I hate people who tuck sweaters into paints.


Mrs. Charly Green

Titusville, Florida (the armpit of this awful appendage of a state)


November 20, 2021

Mrs. Green,

Frankly, you had me at “people.” Then you really revved it into high gear with the whole tucked-in sweater-couture-disaster-phenomenon. 

Just think: somewhere in Coco Beach, there’s probably some retiree walking down the beach wearing a tucked-in Dr. Huxtable special plus socks with sandals. And yet he has the same basic human rights that we do.

Yours in hate,



Folks, the early analytics are in for The Hate Napkin podcast–which is now live on Spotify, YouTube, Anchor, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Audible & more!

So far, just over 5% of our audience are women from Germany 50 and over. In fact, here’s our latest fan mail from Inge in Leipzig, who can’t get enough of Carla from Burnt Korn, Alabama:



Dear Napkin Makers!

I think I have conversation on behalf of all Germans when I say how much your hearty message resonates with all German speakers.

And above all, all German people admire Karla of Burnt Korn, Alabama. But not those naughty guys with their ass and anus jokes. They are crazy goblins and should be euthanized like starving street dogs.

Karla and his butter churn are the personification of hatred. She is my hero. And I believe in her collection of world class coffee cups. Can’t wait to buy a Karla Glory Hold mug from your store of World Wide Web capitalism. She is also right: bitter is the best proverb.

Excuse me, can you help me? Can Karla stir the butter while she says to me, “I hate you, Inge?” Over and over? For me it would be the top of the world.

Feelings that are deep in heart,

Inge, Leipzig

p.s. Karla and Tinder? I believe is match!




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