In Scotland, do they call unwanted email haggis? Worm bread in Italy? Bush meat in Africa? One thing’s for sure: everyone hates spam email.
If you’re equally sick of THE HATE NAPKIN, just click unsubscribe, and we’ll kindly stop pestering you in a dozen or so months. Hallo, Deutschland! According to our crack analytics team, five percent of our listeners are women 50 and older in Germany.
That’s no surprise, as we receive a constant influx of “hate” letters from fans like Inge in Leipzig, who is obsessed with the butter-churning skills of Carla from Burnt Korn, Alabama. That said, Inge can’t stand the other “crazy goblins” on the show who “should be euthanized like starving street dogs.” (Inge has a point.)
During our next segment, sound engineer (he/him) Pauly from Bali starts to- {THN MEDIA DOES NOT APPROVE OF THIS MESSAGE. KINDLY MOVE ALONG. THN MEDIA DOES NOT APPROVE OF THIS MESSAGE. WHAT ARE YOU STILL DOING HERE? KINDLY HEAD TO THE NEXT PARAGRAPH.} Co-host Arik has had enough of the “Letter” word.
It seems every GD-word naughty term in the entire F-word language has been reduced to some OSB letter. It won’t be long before the entire A-to-Z-word language is reduced to 💩. The THN gang spends some quality time considering appropriate alternative terms of despite. Nothing quite says hate like calling someone a cow-hocked, camel-humping douche canoe.
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