Hello, everybody! It’s your co-host Arik! Welcome to The Hate Napkin!
Oh my God, who stole my cheese? Today’s episode opens up with a letter from Chase in Idaho! The fact of the matter is, we’re not funny, and we’re bad influences—which, well, is, um, all true.
Also, who doesn’t hate Idaho? Anyway, while we’re typically all about hate, we do in fact love Chase’s penmanship.
Then again, we do hate some things around here: including, this just in from Carla in Burn Korn, Alabama—beep! beep!
beep!—People Who Know the Least Always Seeming to Know it the Loudest. To which we have to say: !!!
Plus, folks, you just have to Google “DUNNING-KRUGER SYNDROME.”
Why? Because footballer Aaron Rodgers and media personality Joe Rogan are absolute test cases. {BLEEP} on a stick!
How many millions of people have to die before we start listening to scientists? I mean, what was The Enlightenment all about? But we’re not a political show. Except, um, this is about the future of the human race. Is that politics? Maybe just a little bit.
Plus, even though we’re all about hate: here’s a little love for Andy Richter.
p.s. Where the hell is Garrett?
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