Right from the gates, the “joy of hate” is alive and kicking. First, special guest Carla from Burnt Corn, Alabama, wins the brownie. Just don’t ask her why she looks so tired—unless you want that brownie shoved up your nostril.
Then Little Cletus drops by. He’s the, er, THN water boy. (Thank God the FCC can’t shut us down.) Next: why doesn’t the THN gang hate the Kardashians? Come on, talk about hate canon fodder! Never forget, “Indifference is true spite.”
To mansplain or not mansplain? That is the question. Carla says never. But sound engineer Pauly from Bali just can’t help himself. Neither can co-host Arik. Carla’s frozen bitch stare wins the debate.
Moving on: what’s the relationship between pickup trucks, sexual swordsmanship, and the lucky truckers who deliver big balls in F-350s? And, finally, when the hell is class picture day going to be canned? Apparently when Evolution gets around to ridding humanity of the nuisance of nose hair.
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