Folks, we don’t need the Ws! Co-host Arik is steaming mad at the 23rd letter of the alphabet—especially when it comes to Al Gore’s most famous invention. Sound engineer Pauly from Bali nearly lands himself in the THN penalty box for venturing into political territory. Finally, it’s not a double-U. It’s a double-V!
Carla from Burnt Korn, Alabama, promises not to use any “ords” that use that letter. Also, she can’t stand hair bows on bald babies. Pauly from Bali is shocked, “Wait, those aren’t all cancer babies?”
Hmm. Did Art Garfunkel once allegedly refuse to pay his hospital parking fee, and allegedly destroy a parking arm gate with his sportscar? Everyone, sing along! “Are you going to pay your fare?”
Directionally-challenged Carla is sick of traffic circles. She can’t stand it when her GPS, Mildred, tells her, “Get off two quarter-circles ago, dummy!” Arik agrees, and recounts a traffic circle horror story from a failed honeymoon in Ireland.
Finally, Arik doesn’t hate dogs. Then again, he does hate animals that eat themselves to death. “Does that include humans?” Carla wonders. What’s even worse are cats that treat gourmet kitty food like litter box pellets. But nothing is lower than vegans who try to convert cats into vegetarians!
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