So, Team THN changed our recording date to Sunday mornings, and, well, co-host Arik already told the world he doesn’t like pants. Now he doesn’t like shirts. It’s so early! He just rolled out of bed. So let’s imagine we’re sunning it up together on the beach. (Co-host Garrett is definitely grateful he didn’t show up for this one.)
Special guest Carla from Burnt Korn, Alabama, calls out Arik’s naked-from-the-waist-up double standard. I mean, it’s not like we’re in Copenhagen.
Sound engineer Pauly from Bali drops deep and pulls one out of the hate bag: he can’t stand clear liquor bottles. “My spouse knows how much I’ve had—I have to run through the Bailey’s so they won’t know.” But Carla makes it real: “If it’s clear, I know how much my teenager sneaked.” Good point!
Meanwhile, Arik sneaks off-camera for a sip—he’s still a recovering podcast host, after all. Then he comes back on cam and regales all with the once and former history of Mini-Bottle, South Carolina! Once upon a time, a Long Island Iced Tea cost you a mortgage payment ‘round these parts.
Carla can’t believe her ears—I mean, after all, she’s from the land of drive-thru liquor stores. The Deep South might be the entire reason Civilization is being held back, but at least you can get access to easy booze.
Meanwhile, Carla is also sick and tired of people who can’t admit they’re wrong. And Arik can’t stand carrying in bags and bags of shit when he gets home from work every day. When will all this adulting end?!
Then, See You Next Tuesday, folks! Never has there been a more pertinent conversation about the female genitalia. There’s a word that some English-language cultures can say, and some that can’t. Let’s get to the bottom of the Latin word for Wedge! We all passed through there once—honestly, it’s just a word.
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