Co-host Arik steps into the hater’s box and immediately slaps a two-bagger off the wall: Why the hell are grown-a$$ adults using childish terms like “boyfriend” and “girlfriend”? If you’re an adult who’s “with” someone, they’re your lover, your better half, your partner, your mate—apologies to Australia. Let’s be honest!
People are having sex all over the world—maybe not Arik, but loads of folks. “Have you met Susie? She’s my f@$kmate.”
Sound engineer Pauly from Bali keeps his fecal theme streak alive by decrying people who refuse to clean up their dog’s poo. In his case, he may be the only person in the entire continent of Asia who picks up after his dog. “You do what I do! Pick up the poo! Dog doo-doo no good for you!”
Co-host Arik takes a bow for the camera and reveals his next loathing. He doesn’t mind that he’ll soon be bald. But he’s tearing out his hair getting there. Special guest Carla from Burnt Korn, Alabama, presents a philosophical Argument of the Beard: “When do you know you’re done? Never mind—just shave your head and tell everyone you’re a late-stage cancer baby.”
Pauly from Bali weighs in with a diatribe against dyeing one’s hair past the half-century mark. Then all hell breaks out in the locker room, and the conversation devolves from coloring pubes to manscaping on the endcaps at Target to “getting hard and staying hard.” Pauly from Bali sighs, “Finally, we have accepted the male genitalia in society.” If only co-host Garrett were here to bear witness.
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