This week, the THN gang tries to go corporate, but fails “udderly” when it can’t wade through all the questions required to open a business bank account. Co-host Arik accidentally declares THN a for-profit hate group, then hurriedly changes his answer to dairy farm. THN Media: the creamiest, most buttery podcast in the land.
Carla from Burnt Korn, Alabama, reaches into the mailbag for an epistle from Elizabeth in Pittsburgh. “My face just seems to piss people off,” Elizabeth writes, then asks The Hate Napkin to start a GoFundMe page to help her buy a new face. The boys offer some suggestions, including wearing a paper bag over her head. Or plastic, if she wants a more permanent solution.
Finally, Carla is sick and tired of tube top body dysmorphia, or TTBD. Let’s face it, if your tube top is accompanied by a muffin top, you have two choices: stay at Walmart, or go home and put the tube top over your head.
We could’ve ended the show on a high note, but sound engineer Pauly from Bali drones on for another ten minutes. Will he ever shut up? Will Carla ever stop laughing at his stupid jokes? Stay tuned!
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